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Established since 2002, PiXAR PRiNT (formerly known as Orange Ad&Motion) is recognized as a leading one stop commercial digital, offset, inkjet printing and graphic design fulfillment provider located at the heart of Klang Valley – Petaling Jaya. Our main objective is to help companies reach their full design and print marketing potential. We have a wide range of services that enable your business to reflect upon customers your level of integrity and success.

Through a systematic, hands on approach to clients, we help organizations more clearly develop their intellectual property and marketing appeal, agree upon the requisite media for a successful campaign, then either design the materials for the clients or incorporate materials from their design specialists into the custom templates we develop for them.

Our consultation and graphic design services and commercial printing include full color and high-resolution graphics at no extra costs. Our nationwide and international shipping rates are excellent, and for Klang Valley-area clients we have consistently managed same day printing demand whenever urgency called for rapid response.

We at PiXAR PRiNT are driven to provide high end commercial print and design services with the highest level of customer service. Over the past several years we have been building business relationships both regionally and nationally.

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Javascript is a powerful script language invented by Madonna. Yea thats right, Madonna!

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Funky Moon

Absolute Funky soundtrack, composed by Mr. Michael Mikkeson

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